Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Parade

Little princess was in a parade today with the rest of her gymnastics team. It's fair time in our neck of the woods. Now, in my hometown, the fair lasts five days, and bands come from hours away to be in the parade and then compete in Drums at Appletime (love it!). The parade in my hometown lasts 2-3 hours, and EVERYONE is in the parade! The miraculous thing is that people will put out their lawn chairs a day or two (or three) in advance and everyone just LEAVES THEM ALONE! It's so bizzare. Downside of that's SO HARD to find a seat! (Except that Grandma's backyard is on the parade route, so we have an "in" but most people have a difficult time. So I'm all going over to our parade an hour early, and I'm thinking that we have the wrong parade route, because there's no one there. Alas, the signs covering the telephone poles state "Parade route no parking June 5th, 9AM-Noon" So I'm like, "well, I think this is the 5th." We sat tight, and hear after a bit came all the other people. There were plenty of holes left for everyone, too. Kind of a disappointment. The real disappointment is that there were NO BANDS! Craziness!'s our Bella Principessa up on her float.

And for a small parade, they did give out some serious candy!

And, just because she's pretty, here's another picture of Serene with her cousin and fellow teammate, Cassie, and their teacher (who's name escapes me!) from FCAC.

The Garden

We are growing a garden. This is something that we've both always wanted to do, but he never had the time/money to get one started, and I've never had the space! So, we pooled our resources together and voila, a garden! Surprisingly, we are growing things! (For those of you that have never watched me kill a plant, I have killed everything from African Violets to Cactus. I have been teased that not only am I a brown thumb, it's gone ahead to black, and I kill everything I walk by!) We have lots of tomatoes (roma, big boy, grape and some kind Brad's friend gave us.), sweet corn (we planted approximately 20, 2 have come up! :( ), cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, green beans, cantalope, mint, rosemary, basil, cilantro, and eggplant. (We are trying to find a spot for pumpkins, too.) Most of the garden is going swimmingly!

Though we've decided we hate weeding it, Brad loves yardwork, and while the rest of us forget is needs hoed, he just does it!

All of the plants that have sprouted are doing really well! Except the eggplant.

We're not really sure what happened there.

In fact, we're such good farmers (in my blood?) that we've even started growing things in other parts of the yard.

Do you see the potatoes? We have no idea how they got there! Maybe a neighbor dog or other animal nosed through the trash and drug a rotten potato out into that hole? I guess it mustn't be too hard to grow potatoes if you can do it in a shaded area of the yard without ever watering it and not even knowing it exists! Not bad for our first time, huh?!

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Mess

What's with children's need to make a mess? While Brad and I were talking, the children decided to make kool-aid. Yeah, you can guess how this ended. So while I was cleaning that mess, I thought they were washing up. Nope, Serene was in the bathtub, and Dylan had slid his mattress off the bed and jumping on it sideways. Why? Why is it necessary to make sure I'm always cleaning up a mess? Is our house not messy enough without the children's intentional help? Is there not enough laundry, dishes, dustmites, etc to make messes? *sigh* Not to mention, I quit my job. Yikes, I'm pretty scared about that, but I just can't work there anymore. They expect us to work unlimited hours without notice and not only do they not make it easy, they don't even thank us for doing it! There's got to be something better out there. Something that doesn't make me sick at my stomach when I think about having to go to work in an hour. Something....yikes, I'm mentally unstable, I think. Now time for supper...

The Hose

What is so appealing about the hose? Today I woke up with a renewed sense of duty to clean the house. So while I was cleaning, the boys played with the hose. They are told daily this is a no-no. Not only did they play with the hose, they sprayed the dogs. Not only did they spray the dogs, they let the wet dogs (now muddy from their tramp around the yard) into the house. So the boys have a renewed sense of duty to clean the house as well. :) The only thing that stinks is that my lil lady was an angel helping her uncle to fix hubby's car, and now none of us get to go to the pool. Having siblings that get into trouble sure stinks, huh? I guess it's okay since she's gotten to do several fun things with me while the boys stayed home. (I doubt they'd have thought it was much fun to go antique shopping anyway.) Oooh! Maybe that should be their punishment! (And a treat for us girls that are SO perfect!)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The First

So today we have internet on the computer. Yay! This is awesome, especially since I have been wanting to blog for a while and it's very hard on my droid. So now that I have one, I have nothing to say. That's normally how it goes.

Well, I guess this is mostly for my family anyway, so I will share what the kids are doing. (It's not like the adults matter anyway.)

Cranston is now 8, loves watching television, and playing his Nintendo DS. He is mostly quiet, and you'd never hear him talking on the phone for more than he absolutely has to. (This boads well for future phone availability.) Cranston has most recently been involved with swimming. He taught himself to swim and it's his favorite thing to do.

Dylan is now 7, he is very energetic and often has trouble waiting for his siblings to wake up on their own. He has been known to yell loudly "hey, are you guys awake yet?" He is both loving and hating having siblings. Wonderful to have someone to play with, hates the dreaded SHARING! Since he was recently an only child, he is finding it very hard to share the attention, but totally worth having a doting father. Dylan will start swimming lessons on June 8th. Stay tuned!

Serene is now 6, and she is aptly named...usually. She is the little princess and loves pink. This morning, we fashioned a wedding gown out of a dress and some tulle. This was completely torn down when the boys and daddy started wrestling. She was in the middle of it, too. She is my "little momma." She wants to take care of everyone, and up until recently, she was always in the spotlight. (Cranston was happy to deflect that!) She is now having trouble with the realization that there's another girl on her daddy's arm. (Of course, he has two! It's not uncommon to find the three of us snuggled with me on one side, and Serene on the other.) My favorite picture was the one where the boys were wrestling at their grandma's house and she went and just sat in the middle of them. :) That's my girl! Serene will also start swimming lessons on June 8th, and then two days later will have her final gymnastic recital. This weekend she's in a parade with her gymnastics team!

Nick is just a few months old. He's our black lab puppy. Nick is mellow and sweet, always the protector. A few days after we brought him home, he was following the kids around when one cried, he would rush over to see what the fuss was about. He's a sweet boy, and we love him very much. He's already growing so much! Nick's favorite new thing is the pen. Brad put up a fence the other day and now Nick has a large part of the yard where he can freely run all day with his little sister.

Nala is the youngest member of our family. She's less than a few months. We are not sure what exactly she is, but she's part black lab. (Maybe border collie?) She's a ball of energy. She will just take off running! (But she stays in the yard.) Nala is known to run laps around the house. Nala is also thankful for the new pen. A big thanks to Daddy for putting up the new fence!

Currently on the to do list-laundry, dishes, run to the store for laundry soap and trash bags. Most importantly, must find something to have for lunch. Yesterday's lunch was sandwiches cut out with favorite cookie cutters!

Currently on the want to list-visit the ocean. It's summer, and I probably won't get to go. That's a bunch of crap!

Currently on the project list-the kitchen. What should I do with it? I'm thinking blue vintage something-or-other. Any ideas?