Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Rant

It's my blog, I can say whatever I want. So today, I will talk about my hatred of housecleaning.

This morning I left work early (at 10:30am) and came home to clean my house. Once I got home I figured I would do the dishes, put some laundry in and straighten up the living room. Then I figured I would work on dinner, and doing some financial planning and maybe my talk for an upcoming lesson in Relief Society. (For all you non-LDS followers (assuming I have followers at all!), Relief Society is like a cross between Sunday School and the service but for women over 18 only.)

I came home and realized that the dishes and laundry did need done, but also, the kitchen needed swept, the bathroom needed picked up and deep cleaned, the soap dispensers needed filled, the table needs cleared and wiped, the living room needs to be picked up in a bad way, and dusted, along with pictures that need hung, there's three baskets of laundry that need put away, the children's room needs picked up, the beds need to be made, there's even more laundry under beds, the front porch needs swept, the yard needs picked up (I'm blaming puppies for that one!) and there are several things I still need to find a place for. This realization irritates me most because we just cleaned YESTERDAY! The dishes and laundry I understand, where did the rest come from? So I investigated.

The excess laundry came from the fact that 2 days ago we were out of laundry detergent, and I kept forgetting to pick some up. So many loads were done yesterday. Beds were slept in, dishes were eaten off of, toys were played with, puppies were chewing, the porch was neglected (plain and simple.), the table needs cleared because I put stuff there to get if off the counter so I could use that to stack dishes to be washed, the stuff that needs a home is because I had a most lovely surprise wedding shower this weekend and have many new items in my kitchen, the rest is still a quandry. Is this much cleaning REALLY needing to be performed DAILY?!

Before we were married, I came to visit my husband in this very house. I remember when I walked in, my first thought was, "holy crap, this house looks like a museum." It was SO clean. It even smelled of pine sol. I always thought he was a neat freak. I asked him how he did it. This was his answer. "You happened to come the day after I had time to clean the house." This makes me feel better.

So know this. I plan to never live in a large house. I want enough room to be comfortable, but not big enough that I have to clean too often. Also--if you come to visit, don't plan on my house being too clean until 2022. That's when my youngest will be grown.

Done with my rant, laundry is calling. (What idiot decided to put the world's most annoying buzzer on a dryer? It's bad enough to know that you have to get up, retreive, and fold, but it couldn't be a nicer sound than, "BANHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?")

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