Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Parade

Little princess was in a parade today with the rest of her gymnastics team. It's fair time in our neck of the woods. Now, in my hometown, the fair lasts five days, and bands come from hours away to be in the parade and then compete in Drums at Appletime (love it!). The parade in my hometown lasts 2-3 hours, and EVERYONE is in the parade! The miraculous thing is that people will put out their lawn chairs a day or two (or three) in advance and everyone just LEAVES THEM ALONE! It's so bizzare. Downside of that's SO HARD to find a seat! (Except that Grandma's backyard is on the parade route, so we have an "in" but most people have a difficult time. So I'm all going over to our parade an hour early, and I'm thinking that we have the wrong parade route, because there's no one there. Alas, the signs covering the telephone poles state "Parade route no parking June 5th, 9AM-Noon" So I'm like, "well, I think this is the 5th." We sat tight, and hear after a bit came all the other people. There were plenty of holes left for everyone, too. Kind of a disappointment. The real disappointment is that there were NO BANDS! Craziness!'s our Bella Principessa up on her float.

And for a small parade, they did give out some serious candy!

And, just because she's pretty, here's another picture of Serene with her cousin and fellow teammate, Cassie, and their teacher (who's name escapes me!) from FCAC.

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