Friday, June 4, 2010

The Hose

What is so appealing about the hose? Today I woke up with a renewed sense of duty to clean the house. So while I was cleaning, the boys played with the hose. They are told daily this is a no-no. Not only did they play with the hose, they sprayed the dogs. Not only did they spray the dogs, they let the wet dogs (now muddy from their tramp around the yard) into the house. So the boys have a renewed sense of duty to clean the house as well. :) The only thing that stinks is that my lil lady was an angel helping her uncle to fix hubby's car, and now none of us get to go to the pool. Having siblings that get into trouble sure stinks, huh? I guess it's okay since she's gotten to do several fun things with me while the boys stayed home. (I doubt they'd have thought it was much fun to go antique shopping anyway.) Oooh! Maybe that should be their punishment! (And a treat for us girls that are SO perfect!)

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