Friday, June 4, 2010

The Mess

What's with children's need to make a mess? While Brad and I were talking, the children decided to make kool-aid. Yeah, you can guess how this ended. So while I was cleaning that mess, I thought they were washing up. Nope, Serene was in the bathtub, and Dylan had slid his mattress off the bed and jumping on it sideways. Why? Why is it necessary to make sure I'm always cleaning up a mess? Is our house not messy enough without the children's intentional help? Is there not enough laundry, dishes, dustmites, etc to make messes? *sigh* Not to mention, I quit my job. Yikes, I'm pretty scared about that, but I just can't work there anymore. They expect us to work unlimited hours without notice and not only do they not make it easy, they don't even thank us for doing it! There's got to be something better out there. Something that doesn't make me sick at my stomach when I think about having to go to work in an hour. Something....yikes, I'm mentally unstable, I think. Now time for supper...

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