Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Garden

We are growing a garden. This is something that we've both always wanted to do, but he never had the time/money to get one started, and I've never had the space! So, we pooled our resources together and voila, a garden! Surprisingly, we are growing things! (For those of you that have never watched me kill a plant, I have killed everything from African Violets to Cactus. I have been teased that not only am I a brown thumb, it's gone ahead to black, and I kill everything I walk by!) We have lots of tomatoes (roma, big boy, grape and some kind Brad's friend gave us.), sweet corn (we planted approximately 20, 2 have come up! :( ), cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, green beans, cantalope, mint, rosemary, basil, cilantro, and eggplant. (We are trying to find a spot for pumpkins, too.) Most of the garden is going swimmingly!

Though we've decided we hate weeding it, Brad loves yardwork, and while the rest of us forget is needs hoed, he just does it!

All of the plants that have sprouted are doing really well! Except the eggplant.

We're not really sure what happened there.

In fact, we're such good farmers (in my blood?) that we've even started growing things in other parts of the yard.

Do you see the potatoes? We have no idea how they got there! Maybe a neighbor dog or other animal nosed through the trash and drug a rotten potato out into that hole? I guess it mustn't be too hard to grow potatoes if you can do it in a shaded area of the yard without ever watering it and not even knowing it exists! Not bad for our first time, huh?!

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